IZotope Ozone 11 Standard

iZotope Ozone 11 Standard, Metering-Plugin Bundle (Download), Professional mastering tools with numerous editing options, Master Assistant with AI-supported matching technology for sound, dynamics and stereo width as well as Vocal Checker for matching vocals in the mix, Configures the mastering chain by matching it to a reference from Ozone's presets of chart hits, an audio file loaded as reference or iZotope Audiolens generated user targets, Assistant View allows precise adjustment of the matching portion, while Detail View provides full control and access to modules and parameters, Stabiliser module dynamically adjusts the mix with an intelligent, adaptive mastering EQ and can remove sharpness from the signal, Master Rebalance module for real-time level control of vocals, bass or drums, Transient / Sustain mode for various modules such as EQ, exciter etc. enables individual processing of time components analogue to M/S mode, Upward Compressor in the Maximiser module transparently increases the level of quiet passages while preserving the transients, Magnify Soft Clip in the maximiser to boost loudness while maintaining high fidelity in combination with various IRC peak limiter algorithms, Recover Sides mode in the imager retains spatial information in the mono sound width to maintain depth and assertiveness, Target loudness settings for CD or streaming, Contains multiband mastering processors such as imager, EQ, dynamic EQ, dynamics, exciter and vintage modules for tape, EQ, limiting and compression, Exciter with different saturation modes per band: Warm, Retro, Tape, Tube, Triode or Dual Triode, Flexible routing, undo history and scalable user interface

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